In environments of extreme heat where temperatures can reach 50 degrees centigrade, any water collected and stored in the pipework of a safety shower will scald the user immediately on impact. The pipework in our Tropical Safety Shower and Eyebath drains down completely after every use giving confidence to the user that their injuries will not be intensified. Being manufactured in accordance with ANSI Z358.1-2014 specifications and from corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel, these units are ideal for use in hot climates, especially in salt laden environments. The units are also supplied with a robust white GRP canopy with a stainless-steel frame which helps to reduce overhead solar gain.

The Tropical Safety Shower comes with 3 stainless spray nozzles for overhead, body and lower body giving total decontamination and are operated by a panic bar (powder coated red). The unit also comes with a photo luminous pictorial sign for ease of location. Many optional extras can be supplied to meet site specifications.

The Tropical Safety showers can be supplied with a 316 stainless steel eyewash which is supplied with 2 aerated nozzles, dust caps and flow control.

Aqua Safety Showers International provides vital first aid in the event of a person’s skin and clothes becoming contaminated with hazardous materials. Its range of safety shower solutions includes models designed for use indoors and outside, from extreme heat down to temperatures of minus 40 degrees C.

The ability to provide bespoke solutions ensures that the company meets the needs of individual customers without compromising on quality or performance. This innovative approach has not only solved specific problems but driven the design and development of a particularly wide range of products to meet the different needs of the oil, gas, water and chemical industries.