Self draining safety showers can be used in any environment.

They are ideal for use outdoors especially in hot climates as they drain down and do not hold water in the pipework. Manufactured with corrosion resistant materials and available with or without a heavy duty outer jacket (GRP) to protect shower pipework.  All units fitted with stainless steel operating valves for a long and trouble-free life. Designed to be highly visible. Suitable for temperatures from -10 deg C to + 60 deg C.   For temperatures below -10 deg C, the additional frost protection kit can be added to protect the operational valves.

The self draining safety showers can be fitted with stainless open eyebath or heavy duty GRP eyebath with lid.  Other optional extras available to suit any site requirement. Take a look at our Product section.

Take a look at our video of the Self Draining Shower in action.