Aqua Safety Showers International has upgraded its Safety Tank Shower Chiller unit to provide customers with a quality, safe and reliable product.

The chillers are manufactured using industry standard components, cased in powder coated Zintec and constructed within an ISO9001 accredited quality management system.

The units operate by regulating the water temperature automatically at a defined set point +20°C (as standard). Multiple protection concepts are applied to ensure the chillers comply with all relevant directives.

The chillers are fitted to the side of the safety shower on a stainless pedestal or on the ground which makes installation and maintenance very efficient. They are designed for ease of operation without the need for complicated programming, whilst still maintaining reliable and efficient automated control of fluid temperature. This product is typically used to regulate the temperature of stored water for emergency safety showers, decontamination showers and eye or face wash stations.

The Aqua Safety Showers International Safety Tank Shower range includes models designed for use both indoors and outside in extreme heat exceeding +50 degrees C. The Chiller Units are specifically designed to be fitted onto self-contained tank showers or remote header tanks. For use in non-hazardous areas.