Project Description


Our Safety Shower range includes models designed for use in extreme heat exceeding +50 degrees C. Our Water Chiller Units are specifically designed to be connected to our self-contained tank showers or remote header tanks to ensure the water in the header tank is controlled to a nominal 20 deg C.

Whilst ANSI states the temperature range for tepid water should be between 16 deg C and 38 deg C, bacteria growth multiplies rapidly in water temperatures above 20 deg C. The only way to ensure the water temperature is held at a nominal 20 deg C is to specify our TS1500 safety shower with chiller. The unit requires either 1Ph or 3Ph power and is suitable for hazardous or non-hazardous areas and can be designed to meet any site specification.

Many industries choose our showers because of their outstanding performance together with reliable operation; a long and trouble-free life, and manufactured using stainless steel and GRP which are corrosion resistant and low maintenance materials.

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