Exporting to Russia proves successful for Aqua Safety Showers International.

Aqua Safety Showers International’s directors, Janet and Mike Waine, have just returned from a visit to Russia where they caught up with their Russian distributors from Group TEPLOMIR, TI-Systems LLC.

“The projects coming out of Russia are both prestigious and productive for us and we are delighted with our growing relationship with our distributors TI-Systems,” said Janet. ”Recently we have supplied one of our biggest orders, consisting of 41 cubicle tank showers and 6 pedestal mounted eye-washes, to ZapSibNefekhim, part of the Tobolsk site which is set to become the largest modern petrochemical facility in Russia.”

“Having already supplied arctic and cubicle safety showers to some of Russia’s chemical and manufacturing industries the future in Russia is looking to be very exciting.”

Our picture shows from left to right are: Timur Sayfulin, Deputy Director General of TI-Systems, Elena Khegay, project manager of TI-Systems; Janet Waine, managing director of Aqua Safety Showers International; Mike Waine, director of Aqua Safety Showers International; Ilya Ermakov; Director General of TI-Systems