Aqua Safety Showers International is going from strength to strength.

With new business on the increase in the Middle East, Asia and across Europe we are pleased to announce a new member of our assembly line team who has joined us in our UK manufacturing facility. We have also introduced an apprentice scheme and will shortly be welcoming our first engineering apprentice.

In the UK, we are now supplying our self-contained safety shower equipment to most of the water authorities up and down the country. This include bespoke units built specifically to suit on-site requirements.

Aqua Safety Showers International now boasts a comprehensive range of safety shower solutions . These include self-contained tank showers, mains fed showers, mobile units and stand-alone remote tanks.

One of our latest designs makes it easy for engineers to test and maintain the water quality in their Tank Showers. We now provide an optional bespoke smaller hinged inspection hatch for simple and easy testing through ‘dipping’. This method can also cut down the time is would normally take to undertake this monthly task.

Read more about our success in an article published by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.