• Ensure continuous water supply delivering 76 litres of per minute for 15 minutes
  • Deliver Tepid Water (16 Deg C – 38 Deg C), to prevent thermal shock and ensure casualties can use the shower for the full duration
  • Installed so the shower head is between 208 – 244cm from the floor
  • Safety Showers must be located within 10 seconds/15 metres of a potential hazard
  • Safety Showers must be located on the same level as the hazard and the path should be free of obstructions. Any doors that have to be negotiated must not have a lock and must open in the direction of travel towards the shower
  • The unit should be well lit and identified with a highly visible sign
  • All units to be activated weekly to flush the line and verify proper operation and ensure flushing fluid is available
  • All units must be inspected annually to assure conformance to above standard
  • Stay-open valve (hands-free) activates in one second or less
  • Eye wash heads positioned between 84-114cm from the floor
  • Combination unit components shall be positioned so that the components may be used simultaneously by the same user
  • All employees who may be subject to exposure to hazardous materials must be trained in the use and also the locations of the unit

PDF_ANSI Z358 summary checklist